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Back Pain During Pregnancy: 6 Tips For Relief

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is one of the most exciting moments in a woman’s life. But, excitement is not the only thing that a soon-to-be mom would feel during these periods. In fact, pregnancy is a mixture of excitement, pain, fun, and challenge. And one of the most apparent pains that any pregnant woman would feel is back pain.

In line with this, it is seen that back pain goes hand-in-hand with pregnancy. Hence, it is very common that you would feel this as your baby grows in your tummy. But while it is already a common thing, you should not forget that it should be still given attention to.

The level of pain that pregnant women would feel in their backs largely depends on several factors. Even so, there are a lot of ways for you to relieve these painful experiences. And if you are experiencing this as of the moment, these tips may come in handy for you.

Prenatal yoga

Yoga is a very powerful practice for anyone who is experiencing pain in their muscles, joints, and back. As for pregnant women, prenatal yoga is just fitting to do when you want to relieve the sore of carrying the weight of your pregnancy.

When you practice doing prenatal yoga regularly, it can apparently improve your posture, muscles, and joints. And these areas are actually the ones you need to focus on when you are on your pregnancy periods. 

In addition, prenatal yoga also tackles the mental and emotional stress that any woman would feel during pregnancy. Not only that it can relieve your back pain, but it can also be an effective avenue to cleanse all the stress and hormones that are not healthy and helpful for you and your baby.

Prenatal massage

If you want to relieve your back pain as well as the stress that you feel in your nerves and spinal cord, resorting to prenatal massage is a very great choice. Apparently, prenatal massage therapists know the best solutions for your condition. And having a regular prenatal massage will not only relieve the sore that you feel in your back, but it can also help you feel more comfortable during your pregnancy.

Prenatal massage therapists have different specializations in comparison to the usual massage therapists. It is important for you to note that there are nerves and body fluids that are not recommendable to be touched or managed during your pregnancy. And prenatal massage therapists know these things.

Even so, it is best that you consult first with your doctor before having a prenatal massage. Your doctor will know what will be the best form of prenatal massage for you and your condition.

Physical therapy

Along with prenatal yoga and massage, having physical therapy is also a great avenue to relieve back pains for pregnant women. In essence, a prenatal physical therapy is a practice for pregnant women to help them work on their back, joints, muscles, and nerve pressure points.

Through effective physical therapy, pregnant women would know the best practices, exercises, and activities that will improve their support system. Some therapists would even advise practicing inversion therapy at home but this will largely depend on your case and condition.

Nevertheless, you should consult with a physical therapist before pursuing any physical therapy at home.

Sleep on your side

During your resting periods and sleeping hours, it is much more recommended for pregnant women to sleep and lie down on their side instead of their backs. This will provide more comfort and support on your back and posture.

Once you lie down on your side, place a pregnancy or soft pillow in between your bent knees. This pillow will serve as a tool to relieve your joint pressure points as you lie down and sleep. Also, you could slide a pillow under your tummy to support your body. And another pillow on your back for a much more comfortable position.

Although placing these pillows are largely a part of personal preferences, you may try it out first. If you feel comfortable and well-suited, then go on and do this regularly. But if it does not help you, you may try other placements and positions.

Wear the proper shoes

Wearing the proper and appropriate shoes for you is a must, especially if your baby bump is already that big. Essentially, anything other than a pair of flat shoes is already a back killer. And much more if your baby bump adds to the scenario. You will certainly feel pain in your back. 

So, it is very advisable for pregnant women to ditch the high heels and stilettos during pregnancy. You should choose to wear a much more comfortable pair of shoes like rubber shoes and/or flat shoes. These types of footwear will help you support what you are carrying and gradually ease the back pain that you feel.

Include physical activity in your daily routine

Another tip that may help you in relieving your back pain is to add a few physical activities into your daily routines. Whether this may include a little brisk walking or swimming, these activities will be fine and good for your support system. But, be very cautious when you do these practices and exercises.

Keep in mind that you are carrying your little one with you. So, it is important that you are very gentle and comfortable when you do these activities. Also, you should consult your health care provider and doctor before doing your chosen physical activities.

Now, back pain is a very normal thing to experience when you are pregnant. But, you should also pay attention to your body. Your pregnancy experience may be challenging but your body should not suffer gravely. Accordingly, these simple tips and ways may help you in your day-to-day living!

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