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Humidifier : 14 Harmful Effects That Are Hazardous To Your Baby’s Health

The humidifier is used for regulating the humidity inside your house and relaxing your breastfeeding baby to get comfortable and save him from any allergies and infections. But some of the humidifiers are not healthy. Listed below are some of the harmful effects that are hazardous to your baby’s health:

Very high humidity:

If your cool mist humidifier for baby is set high then it might cause hazardous to your baby as the ideal humidity for our home is considered between 44 – 55%. Below that or above that can cause several serious health problems for your baby.


Although there are some humidifiers available in the market that reduces the allergy of your baby but some of them even cause them if you do not clean them at the regular interval. The proliferation of dust is only because of the high setting of your humidifier so you must lower the setting and clean it. The allergies are in the form of cough, sniffle, and if your baby sneezes many times and shows skin rashes. They can also get asthma and breathing problems if you do not clean your humidifier.


Mold can get bigger into the particles and can spread out in your house if you do not clean your cool mist humidifier for a baby on a regular basis. So, you must not place your humidifier at a height as it may cause the mold to combine with water particles and can cause more spores spread in your house. The mold is formed due to an increase in moisture which can also cause black patches on your furniture, ceiling, and even walls.

Dust and dirt:

The dust and dirt mites spread around the human body, especially which is the root cause of every allergy and infection. The flake of our skin is its food that it basically resides on and leaves its feces on our body which causes irritation.


Bacteria are the most harmful thing living in the moist environment under the humidifier which can cause allergies and infections to your baby. If your baby has got a vulnerable immune system then it is advisable not to use your cool mist humidifier for the baby.

White dust:

The traces of the toxic metal can make a film on your furniture after you are using your cool mist humidifier for a baby for the whole day. And there is a high risk of this white dust spreading inside your room which is very toxic for your baby’s health.

Toxic metals:

There are some particles mixed with water that are harmful metals such as arsenic, calcium, lead, mercury, copper in a very high amount which might be dangerous for your baby. Because of small bodies, these toxic metals can run inside their bloodstream. So use distilled water in place of tap water.

Cough and cold:

If your baby is recurring cold and coughs constantly then it might be due to a dirty humidifier that now needs cleaning. The cold can also be due to some allergic components that it is spewing around in your house and the baby could not handle such allergic components.

Tripping on wires:

Check on the long wires of your cool mist humidifier for baby and the loose wires can be dangerous for your little baby such as the heavy humidifier can topple over him. Check if the wire of the humidifier is placed safely for your baby’s protection.

Water gets spilled:

Your cool mist humidifier for baby can get leakage due to various reasons but if the spilled water is not get cleaned, then the toddlers might slip on it and get hurt. Check if your humidifier is not overfilled which can cause leakage in it.


If your cool mist humidifier for baby has got any water spillage from the loose wire being in contact will be very harmful to your baby. So, you must never turn on the humidifier which has leakage as this can cause electrocution and your baby can get an electric shock.


Burns are the most common injury that a baby can get from the cool mist humidifier for baby especially in cold areas. When the water is converted into steam, it takes a lot of heat which increases the room’s temperature and may cause burn to your baby.


You have to look out for your baby and his reaction to the humidifier if he is showing any discomfort which might be due to too high a humidifier or he is reacting to the dirt. For different humidity levels, each kid has a different reaction so look for the sweet spot to comfort them.

High maintenance:

For busy parents, it is a very difficult task to clean the humidifier on a regular basis so for them, they can instead buy the whole – house cool mist humidifier for baby. This will be relaxing for them as they need to get clean only once a year.

Additives: If your baby is less than 3 years old then it is advisable not to add any rubs or any essential oil in the humidifier .for your baby who has got a cold. With the humidifier, the intensity of the rub gets high which makes it difficult for him to breathe properly.


We highly hope that this article is enough for you to suggest at what age your toddler can come in contact with the environment under a humidifier. The listed harmful effects will make you more cautious towards your baby and you will take important precautions as well. The humidifier is used to regulate the humidity in your home and allows your kids to get rid of various allergies and infections but if your kid shows any allergic signs then you need to clean the cool mist humidifier. Also, it allows you to spread a pleasant fragrance or rub inside your room.

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