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Before your new baby arrives, you’ll be scrambling around shopping for things you’ll need from diapers to clothes to furniture and toys. And while you might feel like you don’t have a clue about this whole parenting thing now, trust us when we say you’ll need these things to help you become a parenting master.

Baby monitors

Baby monitors are an outstanding tool for every new parent. Most of them come with video options now, but you can still find ones that only have an audio function if you’d prefer. The best video baby monitors make it easy to glance in on your baby from another room so you don’t wake a sleeping baby. Advanced models will come equipped with features like a temperature gauge, soothing music, intercom mode that allows you to talk to your baby from any room, and the ability to hook up 4 cameras to the system to keep tabs on older children.

Baby carrier

Tribal villages have known for a long time what parents today are rediscovering – that wearing your baby is the best way to keep him content. Plus, it’s a hands-free way to carry your child around with you. The first few months in particular are crucial for building that bond and a baby carrier can help you do that safely and comfortably for both of you.

Baby care tools

Soon after your baby is born, you’ll need to trim her nails. And if she gets congested, you’ll want a nasal aspirator to help unclog her nose so she can breathe easier. Thermometers are essential tools too so you can properly measure for fever. Look for baby care kits which should include all of these items plus a few others that will make caring for baby easier.

Baby car seat

If you plan on driving your baby anywhere, you need a car seat by law. Look for ones that are rear-facing so you can keep your baby safe for the first two years. Compare with other models and be sure to check for recalls first before buying.

White noise machine

Believe it or not, babies love noise because it reminds them of when they were inside the womb. Not construction lot noises, but that white noise that comes from the static of a radio not tuned into a station. You can buy a white noise machine with a variety of sounds to soothe baby to sleep. Plus, some of them double as ambient light which will make it perfect for any nursery, or to keep from waking your spouse if you keep baby in your room.

Of course, you’ll need clothes, socks, baby lotion, powder, a crib, sheets, and all kinds of things for your baby too. There’s no time like right now to get started on shopping for everything. Don’t wait until the baby arrives or you’ll be doing while suffering from a severe lack of sleep!

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