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Today more than ever it is important that we teach our children everyday healthy habits along with good, quality values they should live by. Our children might not understand right away why we do what we do to get them to do things the healthier way, but the true value of our efforts will be revealed later on in their life, when they see the shape in which their body and mind are, and how much better they are in coping with difficult situations. This article will help you, as a parent better understand how important it is to teach your children healthy habits that they will be able to implement throughout their life. So let’s start!


In a world where the accent is put on individualism, it is important to teach your child that they do not need to do everything alone. It’s ok to ask for help in order to better ourselves in every aspect of our life. This is most visible in the academic sphere. A lot of children feel that they need to measure up to their peers or the expectations that society and their parents have of them. And often they think that the burden of achieving that is theirs and theirs alone to bear, and this is simply not true. It can lead to excessive stress and self-criticism which are not in any shape or form healthy. This is why it is important to explain to your children that it is ok to admit that you need help and to ask for it. You can offer to get them a tutor and teach them how to get the most from that first tutoring session so that they can achieve the desired level of knowledge. Later on in life, they will be able to ask for help in order to advance without feeling bad or insecure about it.


Finding balance in life, in general, is not an easy feat, but if we start teaching our kids about the importance of having it early on in life we can help them achieve it as adults. Focusing on just one aspect of life can be both stressful and unfulfilling, not to mention unhealthy for both your mind and your body. If your child is interested in sports make sure they still make time for studying and spending time with friends. And this goes for any other of their interests. It is important that your child’s mind and body develop simultaneously, and this is where the balance comes in. So if they dedicate sufficient amount of time to each aspect of their development, they will be able to create a life dynamic around that balance so that they not only achieve career success but also have a rich social life and remain healthy. This is the value of teaching them balance.


The biggest and the hardest lesson for any child is learning to control their emotions and moods. The real lesson is teaching them how to consciously change their mood and control their emotions, nor letting them best them is key for future decision making and communication skills. Still, you as parents need to acknowledge their existence and not ignore them, your child has to be able to express what they feel, the idea is teaching them not to let what they are feeling at that exact moment control their actions. Doing something based on strong emotions, or letting emotions like anger, hysteria or sadness control your mood and behavior is never a good thing. It can damage your relationships, your business credibility and your health. You teach your child to pause, determine where those strong and often negative emotions come from, and to cope with them in such a way where they can correct their response and not make any rash decisions.

These are just some of the healthy habits we can teach our children. The values and coping mechanisms that we install in them as they grow up are the ones that will help them be better adjusted adults ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

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