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What’s The Best Way To Sleep During Pregnancy?

Many things change during pregnancy. Your body grows, you feel your belly moving and you need a bit of additional support. This is why choosing the right sleeping position will be essential for feeling comfortable and reducing pregnancy aches.

You’ll probably have to modify your favorite sleeping position while expecting, particularly during the final trimester. Here are a few essentials to consider.

The Best Sleeping Position for Pregnant Woman

During the first trimester, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing a comfortable position to sleep in. As your body grows, however, you’ll have to do a few adjustments.

According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), sleeping on your side is the best option for pregnant women after the fifth month.

The association recommends sleeping on the left side because this position improves blood circulation.

Back and stomach sleeping is definitely not suggested for moms-to-be. Sleeping on your back will put pressure on the blood vessels and the heart. Lying on the back can also make it more difficult to breathe during the night.

A Few Tips for Ensuring Extra Comfort

Even if you sleep on your side, you may still experience some unpleasant occurrences during the night. A few of the most common nighttime complaints among pregnant women include back pain, shortness of breath, heartburn, and insomnia.

To reduce these risks, sleep on your side and bend your knees. The placement of a pillow (especially a maternity pillow) between your knees will keep your body in a good position and offer some support to the belly.

If you’re experiencing heartburn, put a pillow underneath your upper body (or eat better food). The incline will enhance gastrointestinal processes and reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Maternity pillows are an absolute essential for many women. They come in an elongated shape, offering support and cushioning where these are needed. Even if you don’t have a maternity pillow, you can accomplish a good result with the pillows you have at home. Experiment with their placement to ensure sufficient softness and support. Chances are that you’ll get good enough results to enjoy quality, relaxing sleep.

Enhancing Sleep Quality During Pregnancy

Apart from getting the right pillows and choosing an optimal position, there are few more things you can do to enhance sleep quality.

The first tip is simple – avoid having dinner or snacking right before going to bed. Such habits can increase the risk of experiencing heartburn.

If you can’t fall asleep, there’s no point in remaining in bed. Tossing and turning aren’t going to get the job done. Getting up is a much better idea. You may want to read a few pages of a favorite book, stretch or walk around the house for a few minutes. You may even do a mundane chore that will get you bored and help you fall asleep easier.

Finally, make sure that the bedroom features optimal sleeping conditions. Open the window and let fresh air in before going to bed. Maintain lower temperatures in the bedroom because a cool bedroom will enhance sleep quality. If the temperature is too high, you’ll sweat and feel rather uncomfortable during the night.


You will face some sleeping challenges during your pregnancy but most of them will be relatively easy to overcome. Be patient and give your body some time to adjust to the new position. Making your bed comfy enough will soon enable you to fall asleep quickly and wake up rejuvenated in the morning.

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