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  • The Video Game Slippery Slope

    The Video Game Slippery Slope

    With Kids and Video Games, Moderation Is Key – Moderation is the key to many things in life. Television is okay in moderation, but being a couch potato is not. Dessert is fine in moderation. For example, eating a slice of pie is all right, but eating the entire pie is not. In my house there is no greater slippery slope of moderation than the video game debate. I do not doubt those who spend an hour or less playing […]

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  • Renee’s Savory Chicken Recipe

    Renee’s Savory Chicken Recipe

    I have to share my friend Renee Michelle Williams-King’s wonderful chicken recipe.  If the picture doesn’t make your mouth water,  the recipe will definitely make your stomach growl.  Thank you for sharing the dinner idea Renee. Buy a whole chicken (It had a pop up timer and directions on the bag). Coat inside and outside and under the skin with butter. Sprinkle inside and outside with your favorite seasoning.  I used onion powder, garlic, salt, pepper, and parsley. The trick is […]

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  • Independent Some Day, Maybe?

    Independent Some Day, Maybe?

    Celebrating No Independence Okay, on a weekend of fireworks, BBQs, and celebrating our nation’s birthday, how unpatriotic of me to say such a thing.  I’m not talking about our great nation.  A judge granted my husband and I conservatorship over our 18 year old Autistic son, Tristan, a few days ago.  I choose to not say dependence, because, we want him to one day become independent and no longer need to depend on us. The three of us along with […]

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  • Am I Becoming My Mom?

    Am I Becoming My Mom?

    Am I becoming my Mom? I am my Mom in ways that would explode my younger mind.  I’m losing enough of my mind the way I forget things like what time to pick up the kids from this thing or that thing. What do you want to be when you grow up?? I remember my mom asking us this when we were little kids.  My brother didn’t know what he wanted to be. My little sister wanted to be a […]

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  • Fifty Shades of Motherhood

    Fifty Shades of Motherhood

    My life would be complete if he was home with me. I’d sleep sound. I look up drowning in his sympathetic eyes. I see the other women around me drooling over him jealously and know he’s out of my reach. My body aches reaching for him brushing him with my fingertips. I lick my lips with anticipation. Oh, I am so close. Excitement surges through my veins. He moves slowly from side to side.  I tilt my head back and […]

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  • Working Moms and Stay At Home Moms

    Working Moms and Stay At Home Moms

    This post by Moya Caddy from her blog #motherlove is a must share.  The debate of the working mom vs. stay at home mom has argued since women entered the workforce.  This is the most mutually considerate post I’ve read on the subject. I faced the decision at a time when I had a kid on each hip and just graduated college.  My Mom was a stay at home mom.  My mother in law was a nurse and always worked. […]

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  • 10 Reasons I Want An Alice

    10 Reasons I Want An Alice

    1. Alice Cooks and Bakes: She’s good about letting the kids lick the bowl 2. Alice Cleans, but her uniform never gets dirty 3. Alice is a Cheap Babysitter.  Who else would babysit 6 kids? 4. Alice plays with the kids  5. Alice is a therapist to the parents 6. Alice takes care of the dog 7. Alice solves mysteries: Remember the disappearance of Kitty Karry-all? 8. Alice gets great meat, her boyfriend is Sam the Butcher 9.  Alice lives in […]

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  • Chicken Pot Pie your family will love

    Easy Chicken Pot Pie

    This is dish looks like something your Mom or Grandma would make for Sunday dinner, but it’s simple enough to make with left overs any night of the week. 1-2 cans of chicken gravy 1 package Pillsbury ready made pie crusts (2 crusts) 1 package of microwave frozen mixed vegetables; cooked and drained 2-3 chicken breasts browned and cubed or 2 cups chopped left over chicken Montreal Chicken seasoning or your favorite poultry seasonings   Preheat Oven to 425° roll […]

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  • What Is Your Parenting Style?

    What Is Your Parenting Style?

    Is every moment of your kids’ schedule filled with activities or do you toss them the remote? Some parents won’t start the car before everyone is buckled in and others can cram a soccer team into a small sedan. Discover what type of parent you are by taking this fun quiz.

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  • How Do I Get My Kid To Sleep In His Own Bed?

    How Do I Get My Kid To Sleep In His Own Bed?

    Dear Mamas, I let our 3 year old in bed with us after he woke up from a nightmare and now he won’t sleep in his own bed. I don’t want to be mean, but it’s driving us nuts. Besides no intimacy, my husband gets up early for work and neither of us sleeps well with his restless sleeping. What do I do? Sarah Wichita Dear Sarah, Set a bedtime routine. Brush his teeth, put on his pajamas, tuck him […]

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